Our Story

BIG DAY® originated, as many things do, from a joke between friends. At the end of a long day, they would discuss the “good, the bad, and the ugly” happenings of their day. Once this daily recap was finished with, the other would reply in a comical tone, “sounds like you had a BIG DAY!”

Over time the catchy phrase and its humorous tone soon proved contagious and caught on with the rest of their friends. Whenever a friend went deep into a story about all that took place during their day, they were serenaded with a rousing “sounds like you had a BIG DAY!”


The original spark…

One morning the founder of BIG DAY was going through his usual routine of getting ready for work, playing through his mind all the things he had to accomplish for the day. From errands, to working through all his tasks of his job, onto coaching his team in the evening, and later somehow find time to fit dinner in. He knew he was going to have a BIG DAY ahead of him. This is when the light bulb went on and sparked inspiration of the BIG DAY brand. When the idea hit, he told a friend, and the excitement grew.


The BIG DAY Message & Mission

Each day brings potential.  Each day there are individuals and groups who take action, turning that potential into progress, success and victory.  Big or small, for a day or a lifetime, every goal demands encouragement and every victory deserves to be celebrated and recognized.

At BIG DAY® our mission is to serve those who make the most of their day making a positive difference in their life or in the lives of others.  For people who make each day a BIG DAY!

Motivate Your BIG DAY / Their BIG DAY

Our Motivation For Your BIG DAY product collection is our slightly more serious side.  Before we can celebrate with a few too many beverages and some bad decisions, there’s work to be done.

The bar has been set.  The goals have been etched.  Now is the time to put your head down and focus on what matters.  Each day brings with it the potential for you to take a step toward the right direction and pursue your end game.  As a wise man once said, “people often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”   With that said, how will you take action today toward your goal?  What are you going to do to Make Today a BIG DAY?

Whether it’s a fitness milestone, a college degree, or working toward that job promotion, your goals and desired accomplishments require hard work and dedication.  We at BIG DAY consider the goals you set to be your symbolic “Crowns”.  Because when they have been reached, you feel like a king or queen; like you can achieve anything.  So put in the work today to Earn Your Crown®.

While we have several thoughts throughout each day, it’s the ones we have on a regular basis that formulate how our lives turn out.  Many folks put unnecessary limits on what they think they are capable of doing.  Don’t put a limit on your potential.  Take a moment each day to think about what you truly want.  Think and focus on the biggest goal you have and how it would feel to accomplish it.  What are some of the steps you would take toward achieving it?  Sometimes just spending a day with your thoughts is the best way to have a BIG DAY.

Today, think of how big of a goal you think you are capable of tackling, then push your imagination and Think BIGGER.

Celebrate Her BIG DAY, His BIG DAY, the group’s BIG DAY, your very own BIG DAY

Our lives are full of milestones. As children, our families celebrate the day of our birth, our first steps, the first day of school, our years of growth up through our graduation days.

As we transition into adults we celebrate when we land the new job, get the promotion, start the new business, meet the love of our life, get married, purchase our first home, and start a family of our own.

Through our last chapters of life we celebrate our shift into retirement, enjoy the joys of grandparenthood, share the excitement of our experiences with those younger, pass on our wisdom, and surround ourselves with our loved ones during our monumental birthdays.

These milestones, these precious moments, are where we celebrate Her BIG DAY, His BIG DAY, the group’s BIG DAY, and our own BIG DAYS.

Award Your BIG DAY / Their BIG DAY

Everyone faces challenges, setbacks, disappointments and failures. It’s what we do during these moments that either lead us to quit on our desires or choose to push forward to that hard sought after BIG DAY of success. When BIG DAYS are awarded, it means those recipients maintained the confidence in themselves to press through adversity.

Our Crown Earned™ line is for those who persevere to reach their goal no matter the obstacles that stood in the path of achieving it. They maneuvered around roadblocks and continued forward determined to fulfill their vision for success.

We’ve heard of all types of big days in the recent years of our company’s existence. Some of our favorite stories are those who are making a positive difference, whether it’s in their life or in another’s. We’ve heard stories of medical treatments going well, successful performances in athletics and fitness, first time home-buyers, college graduation, special birthdays, and the list goes on. Whatever it is, award yourself or someone else that feeling of accomplishment by rocking one of our I had a BIG DAY product items.

The examples of having success with others is endless. Potential of what you can do when you put your minds together for a common purpose is limitless. When you work interdependently with determined folks, great ideas take form that lead to actions fulfilling great deeds. With individual egos aside and striving toward the common good, any team working in harmony is often tough to beat. On the day when all have succeeded together, sit back, award yourselves, and with a spirited shout say, “We had a BIG DAY!”


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