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Crown Earned Awards and Recognition Collection

Tied to our Earn Your Crown product line, wearing our Crown Earned Awards and Recognition gear says a lot. It means you have given the pursuit of your goal it all and came out victorious!

Whether you’re a marathoner who has trained relentlessly for months, for years even, and ran your personal record, your crown has been earned. Entrepreneurs looking to get their start-up off the ground – you’ve worked tirelessly on your business, persevered through all obstacles and setbacks, to finally opening up shop and are now seeing success in sales – your crown has been earned. Or you’re a teacher working with a struggling student. You’re putting in the extra time with the student because you want to see them succeed in learning the material. Then on the day of the challenging test, they pass with flying colors and a huge smile, giving them the confidence going forward in their studies. Both you as a teacher and they as a student have earned your crowns.

Anyone working hard and striving toward a goal can succeed and sport our Crown Earned Awards and Recognition garments.
Everyone faces challenges, setbacks, and disappointments…
but it’s what we do during those moments on how we choose to move forward. Our Crown Earned Awards and Recognition line is for those who don’t quit in reaching their goal, no matter how long it takes to achieve it. Keep dreaming those dreams, taking steps forward, and envisioning where you want to be. It’ll happen. Maintain the confidence that it will and you’ll be hand-to-hand with success. And on that day, you will be able to state proudly, “Crown Earned!”

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